Case Studies

Saltex Group is a worldwide leader in the Security industry with more than 30 years of experience in the design, development, and implementation of integrated security systems customized to meet our clients’ needs and including: CCTV, Access Control, Detection Systems, Burglary and Intrusion systems, and Fire and Suppression systems.


The key to our success lies in our experience, knowledge of the market and our personalized service. Staying at the forefront of new technology allows us to not only provide the best alternatives to meet current market demands but also anticipate future ones, making us the best choice in electronic security. We are a service-oriented company and to that end we are constantly evaluating our customers’ needs and implementing the necessary changes in order to meet these.

Since 1988 Saltex has been involved in countless projects throughout Latin America and the Caribbean including banks, state-owned companies, hospitals and airports. By creating strategic alliances with local companies we strive to become the strongest International Security Company in Latin America and to expand our operations to other parts of the world all while maintaining the high quality customer service that has become synonymous with the Saltex name.


Caribbean Port Facility

A large port facility in the Caribbean for container and general cargo shipping commissioned Saltex Group to evaluate their current physical security installations and to provide recommendations for updating it to account for the newer threats to the facility.


After a careful evaluation it was determined that the ports’ current system fell short of the task, given the new threats that they identified, and they reached out to us to provide design, installation and implementation of a new more complete and modern system. After discussing the specific risks that were outlined by the port’s security team we determined that it was imperative that the perimeter be secured as a first step into any security upgrade and given its complexity of design, we decided upon a ground radar system.


The Saltex Group proceeded to develop a set of criteria for the solution and after we had 100% consensus, we took on the task of evaluating a variety of systems with and selected the Observation Without Limits (OWL) GroundAware GA1360 for deployment. The GroundAware GA1360, continuously monitors areas while placing emphasis on real threats rather than nuisances. The technology features target classification that works by identifying humans, animals, ground vehicles, and aircrafts (including drones).


Saltex Group sent technicians to the site, providing the Port with fast, effective and personalized service for the entirety of the project. They ensured the smooth migration of systems and simple integration with the new software that the Port operators utilize for superior monitoring capabilities. Saltex seamlessly designed a comprehensive security solution that took into account their current infrastructure utilizing as much of it as was possible to provide the port with the “extra” funds to update their surveillance systems.


Saltex Group selected Salient Systems CompleteView 20/20 platform due to its flexibility of configuration, its scalability and most important because of its integration capabilities to other systems. With this updated system the Port currently monitors 120 cameras, 28 access control points and the perimeter protection in a seamless integrated fashion providing operators the actionable information to respond to threats in a most effective way.

Boca Raton Property

Saltex Group was commissioned to provide security for one of Miami’s premiere condominium franchises. One of the buildings in particular posed many challenges for our company. The building was a twenty-story, luxury community with multiple points of entry that required a modern and efficient security system. However, the condominium had an access control system that did not function properly, and its video surveillance system was not reliable either.


This is where our vision for the building’s new security system came to life. The Saltex Group team of system engineers took the existing security system of the building and redesigned its entire layout, making the new system organized and efficient. Our maintenance support team configured a new distribution network, to ensure every component of access control and video surveillance was working to its full potential. Security personnel were then trained on how to use the new system and how to strictly enforce its policies.


These security transformations are an integral part of our company, and exemplify what we aim to accomplish. Our goal is always, to increase the safety of your business and to give your residents greater peace of mind in their own homes. At Saltex Group, we will always work with you to ensure that your building is well monitored and protected.

South Beach Property

During the start of 2019, Saltex Group was commissioned to work on an access control project at a prestigious ocean side condominium in Miami Beach, Florida. The access control system of the property consisted of 15 perimeter and common area doors, along with elevator restrictions that only allowed floor-by-floor access for residents and authorized personnel.


The previous software system could not provide the control unit for the elevators and equipment had to be purchased from a third party manufacturer. Therefore, the access control system of the condominium lacked proper integration, and eventually stopped working completely when previous integrators tried to perform a software upgrade. Saltex Group was then recommended by a neighboring property on Miami Beach and got to work on the solution.


Our maintenance support team began by offering a free security assessment of the property, along with consistent repair support of the access control system once the diagnosis had been finalized. Taking the time to troubleshoot these issues allowed the condominium to continue to keep residences safe without the large investment of replacing the entire access control system. Due to the dedication of Saltex Group service support, the board of the condominium eventually decided to make the investment and chose us to replace their entire access control system.


The goal for the condominium’s access control upgrade was to endorse a company that possessed the tools and skills needed to integrate the access control with the elevators and provide full-service solutions. Saltex Group did just that. Our maintenance support team, purchasers and system engineers designed and installed an access control system that worked simultaneously with the elevator system. The technology we installed in the condominium consisted of advanced Bluetooth and MyFair readers that allowed residents to open doors with their smartphones and increased the security and status of resident credentials. This system was connected to the elevator access as one, and the elevators have never failed since due to this integration technique. If issues do arise, the Saltex maintenance support team will be able to identify and fix the problem immediately because of our full-service security solution strategies.


The new and reliable access control system increased the peace of mind of residents of the condominium along with building management. Installing state-of-the-art technology like Bluetooth and MyFair increased the overall prestige of the building in the eyes of residents and potential buyers of condominium units. The Saltex Group has remained in close partnership with this condominium and can ensure that its residents will always feel safe in their home.

Panama Canal

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP), the entity responsible for the maintenance and operation of the world’s most important conduit for international trade, has recently invested millions of dollars in the modernization of the canal in order to provide better service and increase client demand. Saltex has been an integral part of this improvement program.


Our main goal for this project was to help ACP maximize the use of their existing assets thereby reducing cost and making the transition as seamless as possible. By utilizing the access cards already in place and installing new chips in them we were able to make the conversion to this new system without any changes to day-to-day operations. Another key component of this project was the integration of all 3 of their existing databases into a centralized one. Currently, all of the canal’s operations with regards to human resources, access control and administration dispersed throughout the ACP’s 89 buildings share one database providing ACP with greater confidence in their security controls.


Because this project consisted greatly of the optimization of systems that were already in place it proved quite a challenge to do so while allowing ACP to continue business as usual. In line with our goal to provide the best customer service possible, we were able to complete the installation and integration of key systems during peak operating hours without any interruptions.

US South Comand

The United States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) is the division of the Department of Defense responsible for planning, operations, and security cooperation for Central and South America, the Caribbean and Cuba. SOUTHCOM is also responsible for ensuring the defense of the Panama Canal and canal area.

Based in Miami, SOUTHCOM is home to more than 1200 military and civilian personnel representing the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and several other federal agencies. For this reason, security is of vital importance.


SOUTHCOM turned to Saltex to help them meet their needs in this area. The systems we designed and installed for SOUTHCOM included visual control systems supported by peripheral and internal alarms and lighting systems. Two stations control the latter, one on site and one from a remote location, thus providing a backup function to these restricted areas. The remote locations are integrated within a fiber optic network, which allows for greater reliability in the transmission of data and video, a requirement on the part of SOUTHCOM. Through these systems, Saltex was able to provide SOUTHCOM, whose responsibility is national security, security of their own.

Oracle Latin America

Oracle is the world’s leading supplier of software for information management, and the world’s second largest independent software company. Oracle technology can be found in nearly every industry, and in the data centers of 100 of the Fortune Global 100 companies. Oracle Lain America recently saw the need to integrate and control all of their offices throughout Central and South America through their general database. Utilizing their corporate database and the existing servers at their headquarters in San Francisco, California we installed Lenel Access Control Systems and CCTV IP systems to integrate their offices in México, Costa Rica, Colombia and Chile.


This worldwide integration allows Oracle to verify each and everyone of their security operations trough a real time and recorded video system. They are also able to control access to each of their integrated locations from their headquarters in San Francisco.

Central Bank of Barbados

The Central Bank of Barbados was established in May 1972 by the Government of Barbados to advance the pace of economic development in the country. Its mission is to foster a sound economic and financial environment that promotes the development of its stakeholders and encourages a culture of excellence and leadership. It is a vital element in the entire economy of the country. The bank promotes monetary stability, sound financial structures, fosters the development of the money and capital markets, provides commercial bank credit for productive activities and fosters credit and exchange conditions conducive to the orderly and sustained economic development of Barbados. With so much at stake, the Central Bank is one of the most security-conscious organizations in Barbados.


When the Central Bank of Barbados turned to Saltex we saw the need to create a safe and secure environment while maintaining maximum operational and staffing efficiencies. In a period of just over 3 weeks, we made the necessary hardware changes to all 87 of the access doors within the bank. This was done in a totally invisible manner so that not even the bank employees were aware of the transition. Through the running of two simultaneous systems while the conversion took place we were able to ensure that we did not miss a single access registry.

The centralized layout required high security technology as well as the ability to tightly integrate other systems, including the vaults, intercom, PABX, digital video and CCTV matrices. High-resolution cameras were installed in all high-risk areas and a new card system was installed in the elevators restricting visitors’ access to only the specific floor authorized. The Lenel Systems and FAULT TOLERANT technology in place now allow for outstanding performance and the seamless integration of its digital video, access control, and alarm monitoring functionality.

The current electronic security system now in place at the Central Bank of Barbados is the only one of its kind in the Caribbean and allows the bank to execute their security control processes in an effective and efficient manner from both inside and outside their facilities in Bridgetown.

Sangster Airport Jamaica

Sangster International Airport (MBJ) is the leading tourism gateway to the island of Jamaica – one of the world’s most beautiful and desired destinations. April 2003 marked the beginning of a new era in the development and progress of the airport.

This period saw the Government of Jamaica granting MBJ Airports Limited a 30-year concession agreement to operate and manage Sangster International Airport. MBJ Airports Limited had something to prove once it received the concession and mandate. It needed to find the best providers for services, contractors with the finest international reputation in high profile projects such as this one, with a healthy track record for airport security, a competitive business approach, and a through knowledge of the security needs for an operation of this type. Their search led them to the Saltex Group. During 2004 and 2005, we assisted them with the critical and difficult re-engineering process that has helped them maintain security in their airports without interfering with the pleasant impression that the tourism industry requires. Saltex assisted then in the definition of the new security strategies, recommended how to improve operations through updated technology and trained their personnel to execute the changes.

One of the biggest challenges Saltex faced at MBJ was the fact that we were working with hardware that was purchased prior to our involvement in the project. We saw the need to adapt to the systems that were already in place as well as the pace of construction of the new building as we physically moved systems from the old building to the new one. In order to achieve this without interruption we installed a control area that managed both the old and new systems simultaneously while the transition occurred.

Other Projects

We have designed, assembled and provide maintenance for many important and challenging security projects in the United States, all through Latin America and The Caribbean

  • Panama Canal Authority – Panama
  • US South Command – US ARMY – Miami
  • Oracle – Latin America – Mexico, Costar Rica, Colombia, Chile
  • Central Bank of Barbados – Barbados
  • Sangster Int’l Airport – Montego Bay – Jamaica
  • Roatan, San Pedro Sula & La Ceiba Int’l Airports – Honduras
  • Florida Department of Health – Miami
  • General Consulate of France – Miami
  • General Consulate of Colombia – Miami
  • High Security Correctional Facility Valledupar – Colombia
  • San Salvador Int’l Airport – El Salvador
  • Royal Caribbean – Miami