Commercial & Industrial


Factories, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities often contain valuable raw material and goods that are attractive to thieves. Therefore it is important to have an efficient surveillance system to protect your property and assets. Several industries have chosen our video solutions, and benefit from capabilities such as:

  • Automatic alerts when someone enters the perimeter or a restricted area
  • Night-vision and thermal images
  • HDTV-quality video images with exceptional level of detail
  • Real-time access to live and recorded images
  • Easy-to-install, outdoor-ready cameras

In addition, network cameras can easily become a valuable tool to increase the overall production efficiency. They offer the possibility for any authorized person to remotely access live images over the network, making it possible to:

  • Remotely monitor manufacturing lines and processes
  • Instantly detect and respond to incidents
  • Provide remote troubleshooting and maintenance support
  • Evaluate incidents without contaminating the process area
  • Have “extra eyes” when managing production lines

Government & Education


Security has been increased at many government institutions, college campuses, and even popular tourist attractions through the use of our powerful IP video solutions. Safety is important for governments at all levels. Both citizens and government officials wish for a daily life without having to face immediate threats and criminal actions.


IP video surveillance has proven to be an effective preventative tool to create a safer and more secure environment within public areas such as:

  • Ministries and city halls
  • Court buildings and prisons
  • Customs and immigration offices
  • Museums
  • Transportation hubs and infrastructure
  • Public outdoor areas

Network video solutions have been successfully implemented in multiple government applications around the world.
Based on open IP standards, they offer a cost-efficient and future-proof surveillance platform that easily can be expanded with growing needs. In addition, they bring:

  • Reduced investigation costs thanks to high-quality video for quick identification and situation analysis
  • Cost-efficient installation and maintenance
  • Less vandalism and graffiti
  • Immediate Internet/network access to live and recorded images
  • Ease of integration with other IP-based systems

Many government projects have chosen specific video encoders for a seamless transition to a modern, IP-based surveillance system. This has enabled them to make the most of their existing CCTV investments while benefiting from the many advantages of network video technologies. As a result, they now have a scalable and future-proof surveillance system.

With this solutions, you benefit from the world’s leading range of network cameras and video encoders that help you to monitor your indoor and outdoor facilities. All video – both live and recorded – can easily be shared with multiple authorized target groups to ensure that you stay one step ahead of vandalism and crime.



Through the integration of networked video systems and advanced analytic, we provide our customers in the financial industry peace of mind with regards to physical security and fraud prevention.

  • Solve crimes faster using fewer resources
  • Protect against fraud, check kiting, and card skimming in real-time monitoring, alerting, and investigative capabilities
  • Drive business growth by improving customer service and branch operations
  • Streamline investigations and build stronger cases by using case management applications to quickly and easily retrieve and organize video, collaborate across multiple locations, and exchange data with law enforcement
  • Store video 15 times more efficiently than traditional DVRs, which translates to years of high-quality, instantly searchable evidence.
  • Solve drive-through, ATM, and walk-up robberies by integrating facial and license plate recognition analytics with alarm systems to search for known suspects, accomplices, and their vehicles
  • Use visual intelligence to solve identity and check fraud incidents including check kiting, the passing of forged or counterfeit checks, and other forms of account fraud.
  • Collaborate with investigators from other institutions and law enforcement agencies using CrimeDex, an online community of fraud, loss prevention, and law enforcement professionals.

Financial institutions can now transform their security operations to reduce losses and liability, and protect employees, customers, and assets, in remarkable new ways:

Uncover and evaluate suspicious activity at locations and ATMs in real time by correlating external data video Analytics and Alerts.

Immediately and automatically alert authorities to suspicious behavior and crimes in progress by identifying known offenders using Facial Surveillance, License Plate Recognition and Object Tracking and Analysis.

  • Increase competitiveness by using facial surveillance analytics to facilitate personalized customer greetings by employees
  • Maximize the success of displays and promotions with intelligent monitoring of customer traffic patterns, timing, and volumes
  • Align staffing decisions with actual customer activity, using dwell and queue line analytics to decrease customer wait times



Within retail, video surveillance systems have traditionally been used for safety and security. The offered network video solutions take such systems to a new level by not only offering HDTV image quality both in real time and recordings, but also by combining this with the latest intelligent video functions and invaluable analytic tools on the market. This will improve your entire business, from safety and security and loss prevention to merchandising and store operations. Your investment will stretch further and you’ll see a quicker return.

  • You can trust on complete portfolio including products for access control and door stations. All your needs are taken care of.  With the cross-functional network video solution, you can:
  • Prevent losses from shoplifting, theft and cashier fraud
  • Gain a faster return on investment thanks to reduced losses and increased efficiency
  • Improve store layouts, staff planning and result of in-store advertising
  • Easily integrate network video with your existing systems, such as POS and EAS and access control
  • Improve your bottom line and increase top line sales
  • Efficient access control and visitor identification.

Whether you run a store or a chain of them, we know the tough challenges you face and how network video can help you overcome them.



For many cities, it is of great importance to promote public transportation as a favorable commuting alternative and to attract more riders in their transit systems. To achieve this, it is essential to present a secure environment for both passengers and staff.Airports, Ports and Bus Terminals are all safer because of our systems, which integrate mobile and fixed video surveillance in order to improve security. Now all of our customers benefit from: a safer and more secure transportation environment

  • Less vandalism, violence and fraudulent insurance claims
  • Real-time access to live and recorded images – in HDTV quality
  • A future-proof, flexible surveillance solution.


Efficient Methods of Access Control for Hotel Staff and Guests

We are introducing a new hospitality marketing to the Saltex Group line that is tailored to the hotel, travel, and entertainment industry. We are aware that these facilities require specialized access control systems as card reader turnover rates are very high. Our products are designed to provide fast and efficient means of guest access control, mixing innovation with high-end aesthetic design. We also wanted to cover all aspects of hotel needs such as:

  • Wall readers
  • Energy-saving devices
  • Panic bars
  • Safes
  • Other security accessories