System Design & Engineering

The first step in any project that Saltex undertakes is to do an in-depth security study. Through field visits, we evaluate the feasibility of the project, gather background information, analyze risks, determine objectives and identify existing resources. We then design the security project using diagrams and isometric location blueprints including connectivity and low voltage.

Equipment Parts

We have a direct relationship with our manufacturers and can offer quick response time on all part requests.



Saltex’s Engineering Department sets the guidelines, directs and supervises our technical crew during the installation of each one of our projects. Our personnel has been individually certified by each one of the brands we represent. Once the connectivity phase has been completed, we verify that all the equipment is functioning properly before turning over the final project


Saltex Group is capable of responding to all corrective and preventive maintenance issues 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



Our warranty policy is specific to each product and the support that the manufacturer offers. It varies anywhere from 6 months to 6 years, provided The Saltex group was responsible for the installation, the product is backed both by us here at Saltex and our trusted manufacturers. If the equipment was installed by us, we directly guarantee it and we are backed by our manufacturers.

Saltex has its own testing, programming, and repair laboratory. In most cases, our warranty policies call for replacing equipment but in the event that this is not possible we have the technicians, the tools, and the equipment to make any necessary repairs.

Private & Governmental Security Systems

Personal Security Systems

Saltex Group guarantees 24/7 surveillance of your property with high-resolution IP and HD cameras. After a thorough security study of your surroundings, we gather background information and determine the best possible way to secure your home.

Our team of professionals ensures your private security system is properly designed, set up and in working


Government Security Systems

Saltex Group has worked on numerous security projects for governmental buildings in Miami and around the world, including the Department of Health and the Valledupar High-Security Correctional Facility in Colombia.

We provide state-of-the-art video surveillance for all strategic locations, helping government facilities conquer their safety and communications challenges



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