The Advantages of Installing a CCTV System

The Advantages of Installing a CCTV System

In this article, we will be talking about the Closed Circuit Television system, also known as CCTV. The expression “Closed Circuit” refers to an installation of directly connected components that create a circuit of images that can’t be seen by an outsider. It differs from the broadcast of ordinary television signals because these can be seen by anyone with an antenna or other equipment to receive them, while a CCTV cannot be seen by everybody.


CCTV systems can no longer be considered a luxury, especially considering the level of security they provide. 


Furthermore, this system can be used for different purposes, from having evidence of an incident in your possession to fighting against fraudulent complaints; and of course, let us not forget that installing a CCTV system is ideal to avoid theft.  


What is a CCTV system useful for?


The closed circuit or CCTV is customized to suit the nature and security needs of each client. The ideal system provides good quality images during the day and also during the night. Most importantly, it is very easy and flexible. It allows you to record images so they serve as useful evidence and help to analyze incidents.


In a good CCTV system, images are sharp and can be seen without interference, meaning the images it provides are of an excellent quality.


How do they work?


The basic components that the CCTV system has are: 


  • CCTV Cameras
  • A CCTV Lens
  • A CCTV Monitor
  • For wired systems, the cables that carry the signal from one place to another.


In wireless systems, however, the camera emits a signal without the need of cables. The monitors can be observed by qualified personnel or not be supervised in real time by anyone.


Recent breakthroughs in technology and software make it possible for many recorders to now be equipped with motion recording or incident reporting. With  motion recording, devices will only record when the CCTV cameras detect motion. This helps to save storage space during periods of inactivity. Additionally, event notification or incident reporting, refers to the process of sending text, telephone or email messages when activity is detected.


This is particularly effective for equipements without human supervision. All of the recorded information can be stored or viewed by those with access whenever they want. Many of today’s recorders also have Internet connection so that images can be remotely accessed through a computer or even a cellphone.


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